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Holyoke JR and SR High School Music Program

Holyoke Junior/Senior High is proud of their vocal music department.  We have a Junior High Chorus, High School Chorus and a Select Choir called Sound Check which is chosen by audition only.  We have 3 concerts per year and the Select Choir performs at different functions around town.  The singers also perform the national anthem at sporting events throughout the year.  We love our Holyoke Dragons and have #dragonpride.  Our motto is #musicislife.  We have a very diverse group of students that are happy to represent our school.  

Fundraiser purpose
The monies raised will be used to buy group T-shirts, purchase music for the school year, fund a trip to see a musical, help purchase formals for the choir and outfits for the select choir, and help purchase a new sound system for the band room.  We always find useful ways to use our money to help out the vocal music department.  

Fundraising Goal: $10,000

You Can Help

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