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One Dollar Fundraising Items

Ready to try something different for your next fundraiser? We have lots of different one dollar fundraising items. From the industry’s largest one dollar chocolate bar to chocolate pretzel rods and fortune cookies. We even have two dollar items just to mix things up. If you have tried other Chocolate Bar fundraising and not been happy with the results it may be time to try something new. By offering larger sizes and premium products your customers will be much more likely to say yes to a purchase and your sellers will be more willing to participate. 

More About Our Fundraiser

the best part about all our different one dollar fundraising items is that you can mix and match them. These items work great to give to students to sell, or they can be used in your school store or any other way you can think of to help raise funds. They are great for sport and cheer teams, dance studios, clubs and organizations, or even school wide. You can order as little as 4 boxes (one case). Plus, we always offer free shipping. 

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