Online Fundraising

Custom Tumblers Fundraiser

Here is a refreshing fundraising idea. Start your own custom tumblers fundraiser. This supper easy and exciting program is 100% online and allows your customers, students, teachers, staff, or team members to personalize high-quality drinkware and pet bowls. There is no upfront cost or minimums. All items are selected, personalized, and purchased online. Plus, they can even be shipped to the purchaser’s home, or the school/group at the end of the sale. 

This is great for back to school, sports and cheer teams, or any group that wants to offer fun personalized tumblers and drinkware! 

Uniquely Design Your Own Custom Tumblers, Drinkware and Pet Bowls

  • Custom Tumblers, drinkware, and pet bowls can be personalized with a name and your group logo or choose from over 160 fun designs.


  • We offer a large variety of designs, sizes, and colors to choose from.


  • Want to purchase wholesale, for giveaways and appreciation gifts, you can do that too!


  • You can even customize your profit amount. From 0-40%. 

Have Questions? Ready to Get Started?

This is a great product for fundraising. But many groups run this more as a school spirit drive and to help support healthy drinking habits. Customizable tumblers and drinkware are a great way to make sure your students and staff have the tools to achieve their daily water intake goals. They sell best at discounted rates where you make around a 10-20% profit. That is why we see this as a supplemental program. They also make great giveaways and gifts if you just want to order them wholesale! For more fundraiser options check out all of our programs here!