Online Fundraising

Stop Selling.
Start Sharing!

Online Fundraising, Online Fundraiser, Social Media Fundraiser

…Your Story

On top of all the innovative technology and ease of use within our system, the one thing that really makes us different is our understanding that your success does not come from selling our products. It comes from sharing your story. The fact that we have such a huge variety of high-quality products is simply a bonus, making it that much easier for you to meet your fundraising goals.

…Your Cause

We believe that your fundraiser has the potential to be extremely successful by communicating the value of your cause. Research has proven that people are more enthusiastic about participating when they’re invited to join and support a cause. 

FundraiserCart gives you the ability not just to conveniently sell online, but to promote your story, to inspire action, and to gain fans and supporters, not just customers. Our system lets you upload and promote videos, pictures, bios, support letters, and just about anything else you can think of.