Online Fundraising

Online Fundraising Options

Key Online Features

  • Easy 10-second student/seller registration
  • No seller codes
  • Easy customer checkout process
  • We offer fun prize programs 
  • We provide communication templates to keep everyone engaged and selling.

Types of Online Fundraisers

100% Online and Hands-Off

Don’t want to count cash or worry about product distribution? We have you covered with our super easy 100% online option. All sales are processed online and all orders are shipped directly to your customers’ homes. Your job is to simply rally your sellers using our communication templates. Spend your time helping promote the fundraiser and leave the rest of the work to us!

Online Fundraising, Social Media Fundraiser

Online Only with Ship-to-School Option*

Stop counting cash and checks! Move fully online, but keep the benefits of allowing your customer to decide if they want to have their items shipped to their home or to your school. 

  • No cash/checks to count
  • Ship-to-school boxes presorted by seller

Online with Order Forms*

Offer the most options to your participants and customers. By combining online sales and traditional order forms, you can maximize your sales reach by providing multiple purchase channels that fit everyone’s needs.

Key Support Features

  • We make the process as easy as possible by including reports that combine online and order form sales.
  • We pre-pack and sort all student/sellers’ sales (ship to school and order forms) into boxes for each student/seller. You don’t have to sort through products – just hand the seller their box and they distribute it to their customers.

*Please note that Order Forms” & Ship-to-School Options are only available in Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, Nebraska, and Northwestern Texas. However, you can run a successful 100% online fundraiser anywhere in the Continental U.S.

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