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Snacks and Treats fundraiser

Are you looking for a chocolate, snacks, and treats fundraiser? Our Hometown Cravings brochure is a fun and easy fundraising option. It includes a little something for everyone, from chocolates, and candy to soup mixes, summer sausage, gourmet cheese spreads to coffee, teas, and candles. This fundraiser is great for whatever you are craving! 

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Available Online, In-Person, and in Hybrid Formats* 

This fundraiser is a great way to achieve the funds you need. Plus, you can also offer any of our other products along with this one. For example, round things out with cookie dough or pies, and donations. Regardless of what products you choose, we make fundraising fun and easy. Contact us to speak with our fundraising experts and we can help you build a program that maximizes your goals. 

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Your school’s fundraising success is important to us. That is why we work hard to find and source high-quality products that your customers actually want to buy. We never charge a setup fee and you earn up to 40% on all brochure sales and 75% on all donations. We work with your school or group throughout the fundraising process to help make it as easy as possible. From in-person and virtual kick-offs, to well-documented instructions and helpful tips, live support whenever you, a student, or a sponsor needs it – we strive to provide the best experience possible for everyone involved. Fundraising should not be hard. Our goal is to make it fun, easy, profitable, and worry-free.

*Please note that In-person & Hybrid Options are only available in Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, Nebraska, and Northwestern Texas. However, you can run a successful online fundraiser anywhere in the US.